Debunking Popular Myths About Paintball

Paintball is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable games one can use to pass the time. It is an interactive game which is played in teams, with each side trying to protect one another while at the same time eliminating opponents by shooting them down.

The game uses guns and ‘bullets,’ perhaps the reason why it is widely misunderstood among those who have not played it. Here are few misconceptions which are often spread about the sport of paintball.

Paintball is Dangerous

Whenever someone uses this statement, the first urge is to ask them what exactly they mean by dangerous. Mostly, what is said, is that one can get hurt when playing paintball, usually by getting shot at. Well, this is untrue, since paintballs are soft shelled and disintegrate upon impact.

The guns used to shoot paintballs are low in energy and are unlikely to cause harm. True, point blank shooting may cause pain, but it is nothing that even a young child cannot bear. Besides, which sport is not ‘dangerous?’ Any physically engaging sport, whether contact or not, carries the risk of falling over, colliding, dislocations, muscle injuries or even fractures. See, people have died playing ‘safe’ sports, but no death has been recorded from paintball.

Besides, the game has the equipment to ensure safety. Players are always advised to use face masks when playing, and also wear sturdy shoes to avoid slipping during ‘missions.’

The Paint Causes Stains

Really, this has to be the concern from when the game was first played. The first person who shot a paintball at another person, (they were initially used to mark animals and trees), probably got rebuked. “Look what you have done to my jacket! I swear you will pay for this!” To which they probably replied, “I’m sorry, but that was a good one huh? What do you say we find paint which is less staining?”

The modern paintball game is played with paint which is not only easy to wash off but also environmentally friendly.

It is a Game for Kids

This one is even laughable. Probably more adults than kids play the game of paintball. There are professional players, teams, and competitions across different parts of the world. Hey, even military training sometimes uses paintballing as practice.

Actually, professional paintball markers are sometimes called upon to help security personnel in responding to riots. Now that’s some grown-up stuff!

Paintball is Illegal in Some Countries

This makes it sound as though paintball teams go deep into the forest and play while looking out for the local authorities. The involvement of legal bodies in paintball, is only to the extent of registration requirements for those playing, to show that they are following the safety regulations of the game, and not doing illegal gun practice.