Paintball and Augmentation

Readers may undoubtedly be surprised to learn about the numerous ways that paintball and augmentation are thematically intertwined. They are connected most prominently regarding the number of people interested in enjoying both of them. For example, someone may wish to spend a weekend playing paintball. Then later in the week, they could attain breast implants.

This game and augmentation both have exciting and rich histories which are worth exploring further. Paintball was invented in the year 1981. Its creator, Hayes Noel, wanted to settle a dispute about whether city-dwellers could use their instincts to survive in the wilderness. In the four decades since its inception, this fun activity has evolved. It now has a clear set of rules which need to be followed. Eventually, it began to be played on a professional level and became a legitimate sport. Paintball guns have improved in design to fire balls faster. Players today can even utilise paint grenades.


Breast implants date back to the late 19th century. Over the years, they have become more modern and reliable. Motiva UK has managed to perfect this type of surgery and provide expert aftercare. Recently the most significant concern about breast augmentation has been the safety of patients. As a result, there has been a big push to enhance the post-surgery well-being of clients. Safety is also essential for a fun paintball match. All players have to wear helmets with visors to protect their eyes.

Paintballing enthusiasts can visit the Motiva UK website if they are interested in undergoing an augmentation procedure. This company is the very best one when it comes to supplying high-quality breast implants. Some people may be reluctant to follow their dreams of attaining a great looking figure. The reason is usually based on concerns that women with implants cannot engage in paintball due to safety issues. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Utilising Body Armour

One main concern is that a paintball could hit the breast area and damage the implant. Luckily, there are many types of body armour that can prevent this from happening. The person could hire the gear from the paintball company. Alternatively, they may wish to seek it out independently. It is essential to find an armour set that is protective but not too heavy. That way, the player will still have a good level of mobility. They also need to check that the armour conforms to the rules of paintball.

Consulting a Professional

Once a person has started their augmentation journey with Motiva UK, they can chat with expert surgeons. This is an excellent opportunity to air any concerns. For example, they could ask how long they need to wait after surgery before they can play paintball again. They may also discuss any potential dangers of this sport that affect implant owners. When someone is highly informed of the risks, they will be better equipped to prepare for them. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to attain implants and still enjoy paintball.