Speedball is a major variation of a type of game played in the sport of paintball. As a team sport, players can participate in speedball on both the recreational and professional level. It takes place on a small, symmetrical field, and the area has a number of obstacles, usually inflatable, scattered around.

There are different rules associated with speedball as it all depends on the various leagues. Nevertheless, there are some basic principles found across all speedball games.

How It’s Played

Since speedball takes place on a smaller, more structured, field, the game lives up to its name as it usually doesn’t last long. There are only two teams on the field during a match, and these teams don’t typically have more than seven or so players each.

When the game begins, it is vital to gain the upper hand right away. Speedball is less about stealth attacks and more about keeping the pressure on the opposing team. Due to this, more shots are fired during this variation of paintball when compared to the others.

Some beginners may see speedball as a tad hectic, but it is the type of game that forces you to rely on your teammates and have proper communication at all times. This is especially the case considering there is no real way to blend into your environment. There needs to be a healthy balance between seeking cover and attacking as players don’t want to find themselves pinned down.

How a game of speedball concludes is specific to the individual game. Some players resort to using points, marking the conclusion once one team reaches the set amount. Others just focus on the time, setting a limit to end the game.


Unlike some other paintball games, speedball falls back on tradition a lot. This means that, in most cases, proper attire is expected. This typically means that teammates are sporting the same type of uniform or a jersey to represent the team.