In paintball, the most fundamental area to protect is the head; in particular, the face. Paintballs are rushing by at hundreds of miles an hour, and taking one of them to the face will most certainly knock someone out of the game even if temporary. There is also the high risk of a paintball striking the eyes on an unprotected face, which is an injury that can lead to a trip to the emergency room.

This is why it is important to wear the proper headgear when going into a paintball battle. There are a couple of different ways you can go about protecting your head and face:


There are several styles of paintball masks to choose from. Some masks are designed to only cover the face and ears. Others are full-coverage, meaning they can protect your head as well. An important accessory on masks is anti-fogging. You don’t want to hinder your vision, or worse, remove the mask in the middle of the field to wipe it off.

In addition to that, quality masks are impact-resistant. This protects the masks enough so that they last longer. It is recommended to replace masks that are subjugated to harsh impacts as they may scratch, crack, etc.


Many paintball players add on hats as an additional layer of protection. This works best when you have a mask that only covers your face and ears. Beanie hats are a good idea as they can properly cushion the back of the head. Some even opt to wear hoodie jackets and pull the hood up as it can remove quickly if the weather grows too warm.