In the history of the game, woodsball is known as the first paintball gameplay played. To participate in this gameplay, players compete with one another in a natural outdoor, usually wooded, area. There are many tournaments for woodsball worldwide, and players can compete in either professional or amateur bouts.

The amount of players and teams allowed depends on the tournament. Some allow for up to 12 teams, others have a smaller maximum number.

Equipment and Outfits

When players participate in woodsball, they use the standard paintball equipment such as a marker, protective gear, etc. However, since it does take place outdoors, many make it a point to consider military camouflage to have an advantage.

Concerning the paintball markers, there is room for customization, however. Players can upgrade their barrels to something with a greater level of accuracy. Others opt for markers that more closely resemble real weapons, helping them blend in more.

Game Variations

There is no counting the number of ways woodsball is played. Many players around the world do stick to a number of popular variations though:

  • Capture the flag: This is one of the most popular game variations played. To play this, both teams must push to capture the flag from the opposing side. In some cases, there is a neutral flag that the teams must fight for.
  • King of the hill: In this gameplay, players have to either defend their point of interest or capture it from the other team.
  • Elimination: Teams have to tag all players of opposing teams, but can only do so if they are not eliminated first.
  • Zombies: In this variation, one player begins against the rest. They can create more “zombies” if they shoot opposing players, who must then return to the game after a set amount of time. The “zombies” can only be eliminated with a headshot.